What is Combined Aesthetic Operation?


Combined aesthetic surgeries are operations in which more than one plastic surgery is performed together at the same time due to need or request.

The ability to perform two or more operations at the same time is performed with the doctor's approval and the patient's preference. The most important reason for preferring combined aesthetic surgery is to allow the patient to overcome the effects of more than one surgery with a single healing process. However, it is very important to have no health problems and to get approval from the anesthesiologist. Due to the longer duration of anesthesia, it should not be preferred in risky situations. In addition, it is not recommended in older ages. It is also not suitable for people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Before the operation, a special surgical plan is prepared in line with the patient's wishes. These prepared plans differ from patient to patient.

What Are Combined Aesthetic Surgeries?

Combined aesthetic surgeries are important aesthetic surgery procedures that should only be performed by a fully trained and experienced surgeon, as in other surgeries. Your preferred surgeon will guide you through the preparation steps that will help you to complete the entire process safely and achieve the results you expect.

What Are The Aesthetic Operations Frequently Preferred Together?

Combined surgeries can be performed in many regions. It can be said that the most preferred combined aesthetic surgeries are breast aesthetics (enlargement / reduction / lifting), tummy tuck and liposuction. Breast lift and breast augmentation operations can also be applied together. Today, butt aesthetics, which are highly demanded, and liposuction tummy tuck surgery are also combined operations.

Rhinoplasty is also an operation that can be applied in combination with other aesthetic operations. Rhinoplasty is performed with applications such as chin surgeries and lip filling. Along with breast aesthetics, arm aesthetics, leg aesthetics with tummy tuck, eyelid aesthetics and facial aesthetics, eyebrow aesthetics and / or fat injection, genital aesthetics and tummy tuck are among the preferred combined aesthetic surgeries.