What are the advantages of having plastic surgery in Turkey?


Looking well-groomed and young, delaying aging by taking timely precautions has become a trend that is chasing everyone, men and women. This trend has created a huge aesthetic market.
So much so that Turkey has become one of the top 10 countries in the world with its aesthetic market volume exceeding 2 billion dollars.

In recent years, the sector has been growing at an average of 10 percent annually. While the increasing demand increases the number of medical aesthetic centers and hospitals, these institutions are also investing abroad.

In recent years, it is everyone's goal to be beautiful, fit or handsome. We all want to look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. With the widespread use of smartphones, selfies have brought many of us to look at ourselves more critically from all angles.

Although photo filtering applications can help create a better image, unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution! Those who are not satisfied with these temporary effects want to benefit from plastic surgery for a more permanent solution.

While some people are obsessed with the lines and wrinkles on their faces, others may be stuck with their excessive jowls, under-eye bags or baldness. People who have come to this point knock on the door of aesthetic doctors or medical aesthetic centers.

This is the reason behind the branding and rapid branching of medical aesthetic centers in recent years. In fact, there are hospital groups that specialize only in aesthetics, and there are also new ones to open.

Moreover, the growth plans of these groups are not limited to Turkey. In addition to the offices they opened abroad, hospital and clinic investments are also on their agenda.


Another important reason for the increase in foreign patients is the price advantage. Diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions are carried out with the same technical and technological devices as in developed countries. Despite this, higher prices are demanded in other countries compared to Turkey.

Aesthetic tourism grows every year when Turkey's price advantage is combined with the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction of the patients. As a result, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Spain, Finland, Iraq, Bulgaria, Algeria, TRNC, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Syria are also Every year, thousands of patients from many countries, including Turkey, come to Turkey for treatment.

The biggest demand of tourists coming for aesthetics is non-surgical filling and toxin applications. Breast augmentation, liposuction (fat removal), hair transplant and face lift are the most requested surgical procedures.

The fact that too many aesthetic operations are performed in Turkey has carried the success of Turkish doctors beyond the borders of Turkey. The number of plastic surgeons in Turkey has also increased significantly in the last five years. Aesthetic operations performed in Turkey compete with the world and are in the forefront. Both the highly experienced surgeons and the price advantage have brought Turkey to a very important place in aesthetic and health tourism.