Which plastic surgeries do you come to Turkey for?


Turkey has a large number of patients coming from abroad for the reasons I have just mentioned. Hair transplantation is the first of these surgeries.

Hair transplantation is done in Turkey at a higher quality and cheaper than abroad. Turkey has made a great leap forward in hair transplantation in the last 5 years. With the techniques used, the quality of doctors and its structure open to development, Turkey is at the top of the list in hair transplantation, leaving many countries behind.

It welcomes patients from major countries such as England, Germany, Russia for hair transplant surgery to Turkey and provides them with quality service. In addition to hair transplant operations in Turkey, rhinoplasty also leads the way in leading aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction and breast aesthetics.

In the development of the field of aesthetic surgery in Turkey, it has an important place in the social development. For example, there may be some difficulties in men having plastic surgery. There was a prejudice that it was actually a shame for men to have aesthetics, such as the word "does men have aesthetics"? There could be such an impression in society that plastic surgery was actually for women, and men with aesthetics actually envied women.

In Turkey, aesthetic surgery can now be easily applied to men. For example, we can list the most frequent surgeries in men as follows.

Ear aesthetics
Arm stretch
Facial aesthetics
and dozens of other aesthetic interventions, men can now be more comfortable.

Having these procedures easily in men in Turkey provides benefits in the development of aesthetic surgery.

How is the price of plastic surgery in Turkey?

There is an average range about plastic surgery prices in Turkey. But plastic surgery prices are mostly determined by the policies of the doctor and the hospital. The doctor actually determines the reward for his labor. Of course, while determining this range, it does it without ignoring the market conditions. If it is wrong to be well above the market, it is also wrong to be well below the market.

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