Jawline filling is a filling application made along both mandibular bone lines extending from the chin tip to the anterior ears. It is the process of clarifying the lines on both sides of the face from the chin corner to the chin tip. Thanks to the filling made on the chin line and the tip of the chin, the face looks more attractive and aesthetic.

Jawline filler is also called the jawline filler and makes the jaw contour clear. With the application, the chin is brought forward; The disharmony between the chin and the face or the jaw lines that show more weight are revealed. If you want to have the face line you desire and achieve harmony between your chin and your face, you can use Jawline filler application.

What is Jawline Filler, Why Is It Made?

Filling applications are generally made to remove skin wrinkles, sagging and hollow areas. The chin line filling is also preferred to maintain the "V" shaped appearance of the face and to balance the proportion between the face, neck and jowl with the chin tip filling.

The filling is injected under the skin and on the bone, allowing that area to become plump and rise. With the filling injection, a positive change occurs in the overall projection of the facial area. The face becomes more harmonious in itself. The ideal angle in the line extending from the tip of the nose to the lips and the tip of the chin is tried to be obtained and a more oval and aesthetic appearance is obtained. In addition, with the prominence of the jaw line, which we call the jaw line, the jowl appearance is also reduced and clearer and sharper facial lines are obtained.

With the chin tip and jaw line filling, you can have a jaw shape and line with stronger and sharper lines, and you can increase your youth and dynamism. If you want to have a more impressive and distinctive jaw line, you need to have a mandibular line that extends straight to both sides of the chin tip.

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