Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical operation that has become very popular with women for years. Breast augmentation operations can be performed by plastic surgeons from the armpits, nipples and under the breast. One of the most preferred methods among breast augmentation surgeries with many techniques is aesthetic operations performed with prosthesis method.

These surgeries, which are performed safely, are being performed successfully and new techniques are emerging with technological developments every day. However, some women may want their breasts to be restored after a while and may regret having breast prostheses. In such cases, it is not impossible to go back. Now, it is possible to say that technological developments are also used in aesthetic operations and that there is also the removal of the breast prosthesis.

You can find the details of the breast prosthesis removal application in this article. Estestar Aesthetic Surgery Centers are the right clinic for breast prosthesis, breast prosthesis removal and any aesthetic intervention you can think of. The reason for this is that the institution works with experts in the field, sees its job as a passion and always aims to do better, and its corporate policy and equipped clinical environment.

What is Breast Prosthesis Removal Application?

The breast prostheses, which are attached according to the patient's expectation, may not be an obstacle for the patient to want his old breasts back after a while. Perhaps there may be patients who are not satisfied with this change. Regardless of the type of breast augmentation surgery performed in the form of round prosthesis, drop prosthesis, round and high-profile prostheses, breast prosthesis removal can be performed in all.

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