Combination Plastic Surgery

Combination Plastic Surgery

Combined aesthetic operations to make the body look younger, healthier and healthier can be defined as a whole. It constitutes the whole of stretching and liposuction procedures in the abdominal area, arms and legs. Body aesthetics are evaluated by considering the structure of the body.

Body shaping is performed with body aesthetic surgeries.

Abdominal stretching: Tightening the abdominal muscles together with the removal of the skin tissue that expands due to the accumulated fat and weight in the abdominal area.

Arm stretching: It is the process of eliminating sagging in the arm area due to age, weight, gravity, etc.

Leg lift: It helps to remove sagging and looseness in the leg area.

It is performed to eliminate the fat and skin sagging seen in the lower and upper legs due to reasons such as a sedentary life, advancing age and unbalanced weight gain and loss.

Liposuction: Removal of excess fat tissue accumulated in various parts of the body

Before Body Aesthetics

First of all, the patient should make demands as much as his body allows.
You should find the balance in weight, and gaining and losing weight after the operations can negate all the effort and sacrifice.
A general health check must be done, the patient's history must be appropriate for the operations.
After all aesthetic operations, the patient should adopt the right diet and an active life as a lifestyle for a healthy life.
He should strictly follow all the recommendations of his doctor.
It should never be forgotten that this chain of large-scale cosmetic surgery interventions, which we have very roughly mentioned above, requires a very careful planning and very detailed health examinations.

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