Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift

Our eyebrows are one of the structures we use the most to reflect our facial expression and make mimes. We can express with our eyebrows that we are angry, happy and confused, and therefore we want our eyebrows to always have a beautiful appearance; However, the sagging of the eyebrows with aging can cause disorders in our upper eyelid and the general appearance of our face.

You can easily get rid of this situation with eyebrow lift surgery. After the eyebrow lift application, your eyebrows are restored and your facial expression is rejuvenated. In this way, you can show all kinds of mimics and look younger as before.

What Are The Eyebrow Lifting Methods?

Since there are many options in eyebrow lifting, the condition of the person should be checked to make the right choice; Because if the person's eyebrows are lifted by the eyebrow lift method, problems may occur after the eyebrows are lifted, so how much the eyebrows should be lifted before the application and what kind of application should be designed to avoid such situations.

In addition to choosing the method, all of these applications should be done for a better appearance, if necessary, in eyelid lift, forehead lift, temple lift according to the patient's condition in eyebrow lift aesthetics.

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