Face Fat Injection

Face Fat Injection

One of the most interesting developments in Plastic Surgery in recent years is undoubtedly fat injections. In the past, it was thought that fat injections were only for filling. However, studies revealed that adipose tissue is the richest source of adult stem cells in the body. These stem cells turn into the missing cell type where they are given and perform repair activities.

For example, when fat is given to the middle face for filling purposes, the stem cells undergo change, transform into fibroblasts, synthesize collagen and rejuvenate the skin. The fat cells taken are purified through certain processes and the stem cell ratios are increased. Apart from the face, it is used in breasts, hip and leg aesthetics, and anywhere there is a lack of tissue in the body. Fat injections give successful results not only in plastic surgery, but also in difficult areas such as non-healing wounds and radiotherapy skin. The new branch of science that examines the uses of fat injections and stem cells in both aesthetic and repair surgery is called Regenerative Medicine.

How are fat injections done?

Fat tissue is taken from any part of the body with the help of special thin cannulas and injectors. The oil taken is purified by centrifugation or filtration. It is injected into the necessary areas on the face using thin cannulae with blunt tips.

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