Facial PRP

Facial PRP

Prp is the separation of coagulating cells of blood called platelets after centrifugation of a tube of blood taken from a person and obtaining it in plasma in a concentrated form.

Platelets are blood components that contain "growth factors" in order to repair damaged tissues in our body and to provide rapid recovery. As soon as a damage occurs in our tissues, the platelets in our blood accumulate in this area and enter a rapid repair process.The main purpose of PRP application is to provide much more platelets than can be transported to this target tissue by blood circulation. In this way, the repair of damaged tissue is faster and better. Because the density of platelets obtained by this method is 2 to 4 times higher than that of blood.

While the top layer of 5% of the skin renews itself once a month, the underlying skin never renews itself and ages. A slight damage is created by methods such as laser and peeling on aging skin, and this damage acts as a trigger force to quickly heal the skin. This triggering force causes the release of many growth factors and mediators that accelerate the repair process. Since PRP is already given these mediators and growth factors in a concentrated form, healing and repair of the skin can be done in the most effective and fastest way.

How is prp done?

It is obtained by separating the blood taken into special tubes by centrifugation. The platelet-rich plasma content obtained from this is restored to the person's skin in the form of micro injections. Local anesthetic cream application and ice application before the procedure increase patient comfort. The process takes 15-20 minutes.

In Which Parts Of The Body Prp Can Be Applied?

Prp is mostly applied to the face, neck and hairy area. It is also applied to other body parts such as the décolleté area, hands, inner legs and arms.

To ensure rapid healing of the skin immediately after applications such as laser / peeling,
To reduce the wrinkles caused by aging and photodamage in the skin, to restore the elasticity and brightness of the skin,
It is applied to accelerate the healing process in chronic wounds,
It is applied aesthetically for purposes such as preventing hair loss.
The skin rejuvenating effect becomes evident with a bright and vivid appearance immediately after PRP application.

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