Neck Lifting

Neck Lifting

If there is sagging in the neck area depending on age or genetic structure, neck lift surgery is one of the best options to eliminate this problem. Neck lift surgery basically includes two basic applications, which include stretching the loose skin and stretching the relaxed muscle. While some patients can be applied only one, some may need to use both methods. Neck lift can be applied with a face lift or other facial rejuvenation methods.

What Does Neck Lift Surgery Include?

Neck lift operations are operations performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Surgery is performed with incisions made just in front of the ear and under the chin when needed. During the operation, the skin and the muscle layer just below it are stretched, making the neck area younger and more attractive. Traces are not seen in terms of settlements.

Recovery After Neck Lift Surgeries

The recovery period is related to the nature of the surgery performed. Swelling and bruising should be considered normal within certain limits after surgery. It normally takes between 7 and 15 days for the patient to perform daily activities and return to work. This period depends on the nature of the work done and the recovery capacity of the person. Tension in the neck area can last for several months.

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