Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty Procedure

The most common deformity in the ear is called "prominent ear" or "flail ear" among the people. Due to the weakness of the ear cartilages, the auricle being curved forward and sideways than normal due to the insufficient formation of ear folds is called "prominent ear". Ears being too far from the back of the ear bone is usually the main reason. This is usually a family deformity. This situation, which is one of the biggest complexes of many people, especially school-age children today, differs from culture to culture. Although prominent ear is a mockery in western societies, for example, in Japan, it is accepted as a sign of sweetness, cuteness and beauty, especially in young girls, and on the contrary, it is accepted as a reason for preference.

Prominent ear surgery is an aesthetic surgery that is also in high demand by men. The reason for this is that although women can easily hide their ears with their hair, men cannot hide it due to their short hair. In such cases, it is possible to create a new auricle by removing cartilage from other parts of the body with a series of surgeries. These are situations where the shape of the auricle is different from normal, which can be corrected by surgery. In addition, a new ear can be made from the patient's own rib cartilage for those who do not have an ear congenitally or who lost their ear after an accident.

What are the Benefits of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear aesthetic surgery seriously changes the person's appearance by bringing the ears to their normal places. When this will increase the self-confidence of the person, it will affect their family and social relations positively.

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